Chronicles of Time

Venom of the Hydra Savant

The minions of Mystery were once more tasked to collect a venom that would be used to make a potion that would protect them in a future mission. They found themselves outside a large pyramid style jungle temple.

There they met a few new characters a feral orc, Grom, and Silvia.

rosemay activated a trap unleashing extremely dangerous birds. In the fight, it was revealed that the wings of these birds could sever flesh and bone better then a blade, as the wizard was cut in half.

Silvia then revealed herself as a Soul-fire wielder, using all her arts as a healer to mend the wizard. The wizard, became permanently crippled as a result, however, has regained control over his legs once more.

Once inside they discovered a room with a demonic alter, and blood all around. Upon searching they found a hidden stairway, and avoided several traps. The wizard found many potions that seemed to be toxic to him, drank them, and kept the rest.

The party found a room with many dark books. Yet a few of interest were found. A book on animals, and a book on time it would seem, which the Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time was able to barter to add to his personal collection. A mural was also collected.

Soon after the humanoid Hydra was fought and quickly defeated, though it proved to be nearly fatal to Grom in close combat. It also became apparent that this was a temple dedicated to the Acathlic Church. Poison was collected.

Several went to examine the alter, the wizard nearly had his blood drained to the orb within. Meanwhile several orbs were collected by various party members. Oxford spent some time destroying the books.

The party was recalled by Silvia.



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