Timera, the Goddess of Fate, Luck, Sea, Travel, Chaos, and Lesser Goddess of Magic. Timera is often referred to as the “Bitch God”, “Lady of Fortune”, and “Storm’s Eye.”

Timera is indeed a powerful goddess, and is much like the ocean itself. Timera seems to be more swayed by tributes and offerings then other gods, however, she is also more swayed by the lack there of then other gods as well. Timera is considered by folk tales and legend to be perhaps the riskiest god within the pantheon to Cross, or seek audience with, though for the many tragedies that have befallen because of such attempts, there have also been a few great successes.


Holy Symbol: The Storm Eye.

Weapon: Trident

Followers typically include Islanders, Seamen, Fishermen, Wanderers, Rogues, Gamblers, Sorcerers, and Bard’s.

Benefit: God Call. Timera has accelerated Favor gain through donations.

Disadvantage: Timera has accelerated Favor Loss without Donations.


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