The Ring World

An interesting world. Dragons are almost extinct, and magic has faded greatly over the world’s life. Many parts of the Continent are slowing dying, however, this immense planet still has eon’s of life left in it. For Such a large planet with water covering a nearly half of its surface, it oddly has very few individual land masses. The main Continent forms a giant ring shape completely separating the Sea from the Ocean.

The Island of Ascension, in the middle of the sea houses the Gate of Ascension. The Gate however has been dormant for generations. It is rumored to allow whoever has found the fabled orbs of ascension a chance to open the Gate, and gain power even greater then most gods.

As a result, the found Orbs are often objects of war and strive.

The Island of Devon is a vast island found in the Ocean.

Pantheon is Similar, but different. The Judge does not hold Sway here, Paladine and Vexus are prevalent in the Ring World. Also, Bahumat is only a Greater God. This pantheon holds a council, and does not have an Overgod position.

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The Ring World

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