The Judge

The Judge is perhaps one of the most odd Gods. The Judge works in the believe that the Hyper-Verse, must have Law, Chaos, Good and Evil in order remain in Balance. The judge is the God of all of these.

To Remain Unbiased however, the Judge has seen to split himself into four Avatars. The Avatars Alignment is always True to it’s one aspect. (NG, LN, CN, NE)

The White Judge, which Maintains Good, and has lesser domains of law and chaos.

Holy Symbol: A half black and white Scale with the White outweighing the Black.

The Gold Judge, which Maintains Law, and has lesser domains in Good and Evil.

Holy Symbol:  A Gold Balanced Scale

The Silver Judge, which Maintains Chaos, and has lesser domains in Good and Evil.

Holy Symbol:  A Silver Scale with the plates snapped off.

The Black Judge, which Maintains Evil, and has lesser domains of Law and Chaos.

Holy Symbol: A Half white and Black Scale with the Black outweighing the White.

The Judge realizes that a true balance can never been reached, but works that all aspects are allowed to exist within the confines of what will not destroy the balance of the planes. Fighting between the aspects is not uncommon, and sometimes even incouraged if one aspect begins to tip the scales beyond what the Judge see’s as balanced.

One may wonder why a god would incourage inner fighting, but in Verses with The Judge, he maintains all aspects of Good, Evil, Law and Order, so honestly, he has no compitetion unlike most Good-Evil gods that are fighting for the struggle of Power.

Priests of the Judge Realize that they are working to maintain the greater Balance, and should act on their chosen aspect. Even if it is one that is out of Balance, the theory is that the three other judges will work to correct the shift, and that the one out of Balance should act as intended, as it is better to slowly trim of the hedge, the stop everything and risk a greater disturbance in absence of an aspect.

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The Judge

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