Spellbound is a plane of existance which normal spells have been long lost. This is not to say that wizards and sorcerers are powerless. The truth is far from it. The weave of this plane is not the same as other planes. It is more erratic, and the energy is simply different.

Spellbound was one of the first planes to ever attempt the mixture of machine and Magic on a large scale. Centuries ago, they attempted to make a great magic engine. This would have advanced the plane in ways never imagined, if it had worked.

The engine was massive, and it worked for about two minutes before it blew. The shockwave was felt across the entire plane. Mages believe that since it tapped directly into the weave, it reacted and ever since conventional magic has been lost.

Arcane casting classes do not gain spells here. Instead they gain other talents respectively. Arcane classes are EXTREMELY powerful within this setting. Those with magical talents are often hunted for their sear destructive force. Though there are many whom have searched for a way to restore spells once more.

Cleric Spells are Limited. Clerics can only Cast from Their Domain Spells and Healing. Clerics heal additional plus their level for any healing spell. Non capped.

Magic Items are also Very Rare and most that do exist pre-date the Engine Accident.

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