Servant of the Planes

A servant of the planes is one whom has chosen to ally and serve a specific plane of existence. While they can still fill a closeness to the Gods, the gods will no longer see them as a true follower.

To serve the planes means that you have accepted that the planes are needed and actually ensure the balance of existence. You have chosen to be an agent to help maintain the balance in serving on plane of your choosing, understanding, that all planes have servants, all planes are required to strive for a balance, and should one begin to unbalance the others, it must be restored.

See below for potential Priest Characters…

Benefit: as a servant of the planes, you may choose one elemental affinity. Elementals of that type will remain Neutral to you, even in circumstances that would normally provoke them. However, attacking or purposely invoking them, will break the affinity.

In addition, a servant of the planes my learn to understand the elemental Language of their chosen affinity. though it is unlikely, they could ever speak it due to the nature of Elemental language.

Disadvantage: As a servant of the planes, your influence and beliefs hold no favor of the gods. You are no longer able to attempt God Calls, since you no longer contribute faith towards a god’s personal standing.

Priests of Planes: One can be a priest of the planes.  Priests of Planes, can call on planes
for a God Call, as they are more closely tied to the worth of the plane.  However, a "God Call" 
made from a Priest of the Planes, or Templar, is made with less Favor then Priest of Gods. 
Maximum Favor for a Priest of the Planes is 10%. Favor is also much harder to build.

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