Seraphan is the God of Magic, Secrets, Air, Knowledge, and Divinity. Seraphan is the Wizard God, the Great Sage, the Keeper of Secrets, and the Malestrom. Seraphan is about the betterment of self through study, and knowledge. He is the Prime force of Magic, though Timera shares this aspect.

Holy Symbol: Mark of Seraphan (its a symbol)
Weapon: Staff

Followers: Sages, Wizards, Librarians, assassins, aristocrats, and really those whom prize knowledge.

The Knowledge Quest:  Seraphan does allow followers a knowledge quest, which is usually,
a risky and great service done in Seraphan's favor to be parted to the knowledge of one
question.  Seraphan can only answer what he knows, which fortunately, is ussually a lot.
If Seraphan can not answer the question, he may on rare occasion grant other blessings.

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