The Capitol of Arahiem. This large City of nearly 20,000 people is a place of great travel and interest. It is split into five districts: The Commons, The Trade District, The Military District, The High District, The Royal Palace.

The Commons is the town and farms outside the City walls. The Majority of the population lives here. The Trade district is just within the outer walls. Most can enter with minimal troubles, and will find a fair amount of commerce and still some housings. This is the middle class district.

The Military district is Additionally Fortified, yet separated outside the High walls. It links to the Outer wall and the High wall though, allowing the forces to fortify both as needed.

The High District is protected by the High Walls, and houses the Nobles, and those of the Royal Courts. This District also has a few Museums and High Library. Admittance to this district is restricted, and without proper proof of business, can be punishable by imprisonment and even death.

The Royal Palace is exactly that, and has its own wall as well. It also houses its own elite soldiers.

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