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Chronicles of Time is a campaign that takes place over the hyper-verse.

Premise: The players have each been saved and contracted by the entity known as Mystery. However, each in order to be save have been contracted to unconditional service for a period of 2 years. The adventurers must now face unknown challenges in order to achieve the goals Mystery has set out across the folds of time and space.

Each contract of Mystery is not simply a contract of service. Everyone who has entered into Mystery’s service has also been promised a great reward determined at the time of the deal.

Between missions, the players also find themselves limited to hidden pockets, often away from others and each other.

Will the you survive the Mystery, or will unfolding of this Mystery consume you?

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Core Campaign Gods

Geriasa Timera Seraphan The Judge Ashar Bahumat

Standard Racial Gods

Core Religions

Acathlic Church Druidic Servant of the Planes The Free Road

Other Gods outside of Core Jeseron Paladine Vexus Mimbar Ghaza D’Khat Hemadem

Campaign Locations.

The folds of Mystery

Mystery’s Garden

Mystery’s Tower

Common Planes


The Ring World


Demifel Spellbound

Pocket Dimensions

Demon Dimensions




Higher Planes aka Celestial Planes



Elemental Planes

Ascended Planes

Objects of Mystery

[[:Book of First Magic|Book of First Magic]]

[[:Lifeblood Potion|Lifeblood Potion]]


Main Page

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