High Library

The High Library is within the High District of Requie. The library is actually in the old temple of a long dead and forgotten God. The outside has been refurbished to be more attractive, and even the upper levels of the library are pristine and very refined. Phineas Voungh has overseen the advancement of the High Library for many years, vastly increasing it’s collection and wealth of knowledge during the rule of Prince Kayden Vargus III.

The High Library is guarded by the royal guard, and has various servants that see to its protection. The floor level has the more common works and books, while the lower levels are restricted to only those with permission of the Royal court or Phineas Voungh.

It is said that the Library has acquired some books that are priceless. The High Library could serve as a cornerstone for the academic advancement of Arahiem.

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High Library

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