Helios is one of the oddest worlds in existence. It has three unconnected layers of planet, that rotate at their own directions.

The upper most level is the Frozen Sphere. It is an frozen wasteland, and very dangerous. If has been known to fall through a few places, often resulting in death or great injury.

100 ft below the Frozen Sphere is Cavos. A rocky layer that is full of caves and can sustain a fair amount of vegetation in many area’s. this layer is around 500 ft thick, give or take 100 ft in some places.

The final level is the Core. The Core is another 200 ft below Cavos. It is molten rock, and fire. Very much uninhabitable except for the demons and elementals that reside there.

because of this planets very odd configuration, fall deaths are not uncommon. Should you fall, it actually is possible to fall from the Frozen Sphere strait to the core, should the rotations align to your misfortune. That fall is not survivable without intervention. (roughly 900-1k ft fall)

Of the layers, Cavos is the most sturdy, however it is not particularly safe itself.

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