Geriasa is an Old God, that till a few eon’s ago was long lost. Geriesa had split into two seperate gods long ago, which had nearly died out when their followers were killed. Through a sacrifice of many of the last followers, the two seperate gods once more united and regained the original consciousness that is Geriasa, the Spirit of Nature. Geriesa was able to re-establish starting with the re-awakening of some of its old followers, amoung the Fae, and a few dragons.

Geriasa, is also rumored to be the driving force and God to Druidic Magic, and may gain some power through druids.

Geriasa is the god of Nature, Healing, Animals, Earth, Plants, Lycanthropes and all things primal.

Alignment: TN
Holy Symbol: Complex.  The Rejoining of the Previous Holy Symbols.  Ask DM (I can draw it.)
Weapon:None (Geriasa has not materialized in eons, but does not use weapons. Primal Forms.)
Favored Weapon: Clerics of Geriasa are proficient in unarmed fighting with natural weapons.

Followers are typically healers, Rangers, Fae, farmers, herders, halfings, gnomes and some dwarves.

Geriasa is the ONLY god within the current pantheon that is advocantly against undead. 
Undead are unable to enter a Church of Geriasa without great harm or destruction.

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