Gate of Ascension

This black Marble archway stands nearly 80 ft tall, and is adorned in ancient writings. Every attempt to decipher the writings have failed, even those of magic and divination. The best guess of scholars is that the language and symbols may not have a set translation, and may express complex idea’s or have far too many meanings to ever get a proper translation.

Its origin is unknown, but it predates all known history and even the gods. Gods have found however, that they are unable to approach the Gate itself.

The Gate is said to Grant unimagined Power. It was only opened once in recorded history, by a noble warrior Angelus. He and an party of adventurers spent decades to gather the orbs. He returned the orbs across the lands after opening the Gate. He said that the journey claimed much life, and that of his loved ones.

The legends say that evidence of the gate’s power was shown when an Ancient Wyrm Dragon learned of Angelus’ return and attempted take the orbs by force. Angelus slew the dragon with one blow.

Angelus said that it was a fools quest, and however takes it up, shall find nothing but suffering. The verse would be far better without the orbs, yet he was compelled to see them returned.

Angelus disappeared afterward to never be seen again.

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Gate of Ascension

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