D’ Khat is one of the originator gods of the Dwarven Race. The widely known Moridan is often considered to be the sole creator of the dwarves, this is only half true. D’Khat’s Domains are creation, Life, healing, hearth, and fire.

Holy Symbol: Anvil
Favored Weapon: Hammer

D’ Khat is Moridan’s twin brother. D’ Khat was the first to actually craft the vessels of dwarven bodies, and Moridan breathed them life. The two worked together at first, but then D’Khat and Moridan grew apart. Disputes between the role of dwarves began, and D’Khat wished for total isolation.

Eventually, D’Khat took his dwarves away, and they sealed themselves away in the deepest forges, in the bottom most layers of earth.

RACE DEVIANT: Dwarf of D’ Khat.

A player may select to become a dwarf of D’ Khat at creation, which receive the same base as dwarfs, but in addition gain a +2 racial Bonus to ALL craft checks. Requirement: 1st level feat must be spent on Skill Focus (Craft of choice).

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