Demifel is unique to the Common planes. It exists as a common plane. It is within the planar area of the common planes, however, unique to the common planes, because Gods have no place in Demifel.

The Pantheon of Gods fell in Ancient times due to the God War. Gods mixed their blood with chosen warriors to aid in the battles, as gods fell, their blood mixed with the wounded. The victor gods found themselves weak to those that remained with mixed blood. The war continued among the mortals, until all the gods fell.

The only form of Clerics is that of Elemental Clerics.

World Effects: God Calls Automatically Fail on Demifel. Disbelief Checks increases 10% Clerics of foreign Gods can only cast up to 3rd Lvl Spells.

Some mortals have remnant Bloodlines of some of the gods, possessing greater abilities and attributes then normal mortals.

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