Acathlic Church

The Acathlic Church is a group that believes that the Great Purifier will purify the Hyper-verse, by one day reshaping the essence of existence, and removing the corrupt and evil. The Purifier slowly is building towards this great day, and those whom have aided the Purifier will receive a special place among the newly shaped world, when the day of Purification comes.

Benefit: A follower of Purifier receives the ability of True Purification. Should a follower face certain death, or a terrible fate of torture and pain, they only need to say a prayer to the Purifier to claim their essence as intended, permanently removing the follower’s essence until the day of Purification.

Disadvantage: No God Calls, True Purification, is irreversible, even through divine interventions of the Gods themselves.

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Acathlic Church

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