Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time (Crushed by Cave-in)

A well groomed man with a noble demeanour wears a steaming mechanical skin of brass and adamantium.


Status: DM Approved. Lost his life in Service, crushed by collapse.


Known in his home town as the servant of time, Doctor Oxford Scaliger (also know simply as Doctor Oxford) is the keeper, architect, designer and engineer of the royal clock tower located near his home. Well versed in the art of divine magic he serves as a cleric to the domains of time and travel. He looks to be an average sized man, who, despite the often grimy working conditions, always appears to be groomed to the best of his ability. He wears his facial hair in a kaiser style moustache and long sideburns. His hair is well trimmed and parted off to one side. He speaks and postures with what clearly appear as noble influences, and is known as a bit of an eccentric with a taste for the dramatic.

He is rarely seen outside of his custom crafted suite of armour, The Timeculler’s Steamplate, which dramatically increases his size and strength, and allows him to work with the large gears, chains and metal bars within the clock tower without expending magical effort. It appears as a skin of adamantium with gold, silver, and brass adornment, pistons and gears located around the joints move flawlessly with his movement. A compact boiler located where a backpack would normally be located churns and ticks at sixty beats per second, in perfect time with the number of small clocks which appear on the suite of armour. He has enchanted the suite to always appear immaculate, without any sign of tarnish, rust, or grime.

When efforts to obtain peace are exhausted, and there is no other alternative, he favours the weaponry of his family heritage, a large shield and spear. The shield takes the form of a large steel cog, which has been modified into a shield. His family crest and the words “Vicis est nostrum tantum fortuna” or “Time is our only fortune” in common appear across it’s face. The spear is long enough to offer a reach advantage without being unruly in one hand, it’s haft is crafted of finely carved basswood, the spearhead appears to be steel with brass inlays, and the butt takes the form of a small brass counterweight shaped like an hourglass, with a silver inlay representing the sand within.

Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time (Crushed by Cave-in)

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