Durango (Forever Lost)


Status: DM Approved. Forever Lost.

Durango was a very strong half-troll. His wore a breastplate, and had a very powerful Great Ax carved from one solid bone.


Durango was contracted by Mystery from the Ringworld. Though rough, he showed to have a strong moral code, coming to the aid of Elana Argos, attempting to fight off nearly 10 guards to aid the pregnant woman with no certainty of aid.

He also attempted to trade places with the Cat sorcerer, in order to protect him. When things went way downhill, and it looked that the party was sure to die at the hands of the Arahiem Army, Durango was the first to activate his Mark of Destiny, a Mark that would make him truly powerful by expending his body and spirit.

Durango has given body and spirit to the service of Mystery, and his fellow adventurers, and single-handed fought off an army in the process.

Durango has met permanent Death, unable to be resurrected or reconstituted by any means, divine or otherwise.

Durango (Forever Lost)

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