Dalamar My'Und

SIlent, Observant, and quick to act.


Status: DM Approved. Still Alive.

5’8” 160# He has a very human build, but he appears to be drow except for the Flame Red hair and Deep Blue eyes. Dressed in a form fitting Black Leather armor with Loose flowing robe for the bottom, equpipped with a spider on the chest, almost like the pattern on Venom’s chest from spiderman. His flame red hair is kept short but unkempt and appears like he cut it with a rock. His exposed arms are covered in brands and scars from his previous life. He carrys a Satchel with a few odds and ends for survival. He has two Living Ebony Spiders that spend most the time with their rear legs wrapped around his wrist in the place of guantlets, when the need arises their forelegs extend out like blades on both sides of his hands, forming a deadly piercing weapon.


Born as a slave in the underdark he was raised in a brutal and harsh envirnoment. Hismother died in childbirth and no father was to be found of course since it was against drow law for them to breed with anyone other than their houses matron mother. Eventually when he was about 13 he was bought by the Weapons master of the House Und, the Second house of the city. Doranzt was one of the most combat relied on drow and was known for his ability to talk to spiders. He even commissioned a wizard to bring to life a spider of ebony for him. Through some strange event two spiders emerged from the ebony. Doranzt, while still a master none the less, was a kind master and was much less abusive towards Dalamar, he was the closest thig to a father Dalamar ever had. He taught him the art of combat, how to use speed over power, how to survive, and even how to talk to the spiders. Then one day during a sparring match, Matron Benezia Und, barged in with her personal guards and arrested Dalamar and Doranzt on the charges of Doranzt spawning the little Bastard Half Breed. Dalamar was forced to watch the excruciating torture they used on Doranzt until he confessed that he was indeed Dalamars Father and he was a more honored drow than they ever would be. This enraged the Matron Mother and she prompty killied Doranzt, the last words on his lips were “make me proud my son.” Dalamar’s human emotions flooded over him. He had finally found his real father and he was dead. Tears came to his eyes and pleasure came from the Matron. She ordered that he be locked in a cell overnight to wallow in his grief before being tortured and put to death the following day. That night the ebony war spiders crawled into his cell, they whispered to him in the dark, they spoke of his fathers death, of revenge, of hatred, but most of all… of escape, to the surface. The spiders climbed onto his arms and he yelled for a guard and quickly climbed the corner up to the ceiing. there he waited till the guard opened the door. as he lunged down at the guard the spiders extended their legs piercing the guards helm and skull and silently killing him. Dalamar took the keys and escaped the prison. He went to where his fathers body was being held to be burned, for the spiders told him he would need armor for his travels. He stripped his father’s armor from his body and raided a house for a few supplies for cooking and such and escaped out one of the unguarded tunnels. he knew nothing of what laid beyond the city but he knew it wouldn’t be long before they knew he was missing and he would for sure die if he stayed around. He ran on as hard as he could through the tunnels, somewhere up ahead lies a new life, something better, and he will find it. He will become great and return someday and show them how powerful he has become, that will make his father proud…

Dalamar My'Und

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