Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog (Killed with Flowers)

gnome artificer 4 / tinkerer (pending)


Status: DM Approved. Dead. Murdered by Flowers.

str 11 dex 16 con 12 Int 20 wis 11 cha 20.

starting skill points 55

base attack bonus +3 / Melee +3, ranged +6

no armor. just fancy adventuring and artisens clothing.

feats : lighting reflexes, skill focus : craft metalworking.
Bonus feats : scribe scroll, brew potion, craft wonderous item craft humonculas, craft construct.

weapons. gnome hook hammer
Light repeating crossbow.

various scrolls potions and other items he made himself.

its a large list and its going to get longer since Mitch is doubleing my artificers craft points.

Since Mitch isnt using xp he doubled the craft xp artificers get and after all points are expended cost of items creation cost goes to 75% in stead of half with no xp cost.

spell list. Any spell any time up to +2 his level on a scroll he can make. this includes potions.


he loves to tinker. magical and non magical items alike. weather its a clock or a wand of fire ball he’s going to take it apart and see how it works. then if possible build something new and improved with it. Often his curostity overrides his commen sence. He loves to build things for people. he thinks some things are antiquated and needs improved. He strives to build things to help people or himself. Clockwork horses are more effitient then living horses. Steam driven wagons are more safe then regular carrages. Magical constructs do more work then living workers with less injuries.

HE has best of intentions even if they dont lead that way. He hopes that people all over will love his inventions and put them to good use.

Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog (Killed with Flowers)

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