General Caligar


General Caligar has served the Army of Arahiem for nearly 30 years, he is the Protegee of General Krass, the previous commander of the Army. General Caligar has been vital in the war campaigns of King Vargus II, and has personally used his nfluence to construct the Arahiem War Academy. The training has been refined over the years under Caligar’s supervision and experience, and currently offers one of the best training programs in Originale.

General Caligar was born upper middle class, and has obtained noble status through his conquests. General Caligar is a direct adviser of Prince Vargus III, and is leading the new war campaign into the Wild Lands.

General Caligar plans to expand the Arahiem Empire to the Northern Sea.

As High Commander of the Army of Arahiem, the General’s orders are without question, save those from the throne.

General Caligar

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