Princess Evaline Vargus (Deceased)

The young princess of King Kayden Vargus II. Her capture and death lead to a series of wars of expansion.


Said to be a beautiful young princess.


During a political envoy to ensure peace between Arahiem and the South Landers, she was captured in an attempt of ransom. Informants of Arahiem tracked the groups responsible, and learned it was a prominent and well respected Clan of the South.

Information of her whereabouts was leaked, however, the information was false. Her father, King Kayden Vargus II ordered the siege attack on a sister clan, hoping to capture the rulers as leverage to trade for Evaline. However, Evaline herself was killed in the seige, as the sister clan was hiding her.

This misfortune lead to an all out war which eventually sparked Vargus’ intent on expansion.

Princess Evaline Vargus (Deceased)

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