King Kayden Vargus II

The Old King of Arahiem. A great military Leader. His rule expanded the Kingdom of Arahiem a great deal.


King Vargus II lived to be 47. His first born Princess Evaline Vargus (Deceased) was captured during a political envoy to the south landers. Her capture escalated into a war, which would ultimately claim her life in a tragic accident of misinformation of her actual location during a siege.

Enraged by the death of his only daughter, King Vargus II and his most prominent General, Caligar, conquered the lands over a period of 5 years, and claimed the South Lands for Arahiem.

Vargus II launched many campaigns of expansion, over the following years, mostly small lands, however, in recent years he has considered attempting to conquer the most treacherous Wild Lands to the North. The North lands are filled with barbarians, druids and wild beasts, but they lack unity, which King Vargus believes will be their folly.

The first attacks started approximatively one week before the Old King’s Death. (Natural Causes.) Now, the throne falls to his second born, [[Prince Kayden Vargus III]].

King Kayden Vargus II

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