A brief view of Gods in general in Mitch's Campaigns.


Gods are the forces that run the Multi-verse. It is possible that within various verses, other Gods may be more prevalent, as Gods effectively bid for dominion based on total Followers. There may even be Gods that are not normally present in the standard campaign. There are likely dozens, if not hundreds of gods across the Hyper-Verse.

Gods, are typically Mortals whom have obtained Godhood through unknown means, but the most common way seems to be to be selected by the pantheon should a god fall, or to kill a god itself.

There are a few Old Gods. These are gods rumored to be a part of the original pantheons of the verses. Bahamut is one such God.

Overgod: The head of the Pantheon, often it seems is elected by the rest of the pantheon. Some verses deem that the eldest God rules. Overgods are more powerful then normal, and have many of the restrictions of normal gods lifted. For example, an Overgod no longer needs Followers to sustain his power, so long as a handful exist, and the Overgod Status remains in effect.

Gods and Mortals.

Gods have a vested interest in helping mortals whom worship them from time to time. As, in a round about way, followers is where they get their power from. Also, these acts can serve to inspire non-believers to join the cause.

Therefore, A mechanic in place in my campaigns is the “God Call”

A God Call may be attempted once per level. The base chance is 1% success. If your character faces certain death, or you feel you need divine intervention for whatever reason, you may attempt your God Call.

Favor: Is a GM monitored mechanic that can increase chance of successful God Calls. Some classes start with a base Favor bonus, given a closer nature to the Gods themselves. (Paladins and Clerics receive a bonus.)

Hint: Some Gods may grant favor for deeds, services rendered, and simply donating large sums to the appropriate Churches.

Favor will Never Go Beyond 15%... however, current favor is also not known by the players, and favor can be lost or depreciate over time.

A God Call may also be attempted to Save another person, if so desired. The actually effects of a successful God call can vary greatly, depending on God, and situation. All Successful God Call results are determined by GM.



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