Phineas Voungh


An older balding man. He stands up strait, always poised and proper. He is an average height, roughly 5’9, dark brown eyes with a bit of a glossy haze. He is very well groomed, and smells of fine perfumes. When Reading he wears glasses.

He Dresses in fine robes, or sometimes ceremonial suites that are the current fashions of the Royal Court.


Phineas is an Old Elitist of the Kingdom of Arahiem. He has served the Royal Court for decades, and has gained the position of the High Executor of the High Library. Currently with the death of King Kayden Vargus II, he has been working as adviser to the young Prince Kayden Vargus III .

Phineas seems to have dabbled in the arts of magic, but is not well known as a great Wizard. If anything, Phineas is a true scholar, and seeks to expand his knowledge.

He shows great interest in rare works and books, and often tries to obtain them for the High Library, or his personal collections. He often seeks out rare works, or holds high standing parties, inviting guests of interest to attempt to gain some rare commodities.

Though Phineas is not physically nor magically powerful, his word holds great sway within the kingdom. While is not cruel, he does have a disdain for lower statures. He considers it an improper to have to deal with those whom are beneath him. Most locals know that it is best to leave him be, as he can be easily agitated if provoked. This is a man that very well could kill you with a word, should he choose.

Phineas Voungh

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