Kharn The Destroyer

A planeswalker that commands The Crimson Death.


Only Legends describe Kharn The Destroyer. A Giant Man in Red Crimson Full Plate with Skulls, wielding two great axes effortlessly.

His army is said to look much the same.


It is said that Kharn the Destroyer searches the Hyper-verse for the most devastating and bloody large scale battles and wars. If a conflict has earned his attention he and his 104 men go in.

Kharn Never chooses a side, infact, his goal is to kill both sides. Kharn feeds off of Battle, and the shear power of his army has ended wars in single battles, leaving no remaining victors.

Kharn has appeared many times at key points in history, leaving only blood and shattered bone in his wake.

Some say that Kharn is a chosen to a Blood God.

Kharn has never been reported to be killed in Eons of combat.

Kharn The Destroyer

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