Prince Kayden Vargus III

A prince of Arahiem. Kayden's rule is one that seems will shape the kingdom forever.


A soon to be young and new king. His rule shall begin at a crossroads of sorts of his Kingdom.


Prince Kayden is coming the age of 15. His father died 3 months before the right of rulership could be claimed. Since then, he has been under the advicement of the Old King’s Court, Phineas Voungh and General Caligar have been his prime advisors.

With the Death of King Kayden Vargus II, Prince Kayden is reaching the age of rulership of Arahiem. The prince’s politics seem to be a bit undecided however, he now faces a choice to lead his kingdom into reforming as a central source of knowledge with the help of Phineas Voungh and the High Library. However, he could follow his father’s footsteps and continue the new campaign of expanding into the wild lands of the North.

Prince Kayden Vargus III

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