Chronicles of Time

The Lifeblood Potion. Part 2.

As the party began their rest, Dalamar My’Und took first watch over camp. While the forest was quite busy with the sounds of the wild, for once the wild did not encroach upon the groups small encampment. Trading night shift with Dalamar My’Und, was the ranger Nisain Velharoun. While keeping ever vigilant, a mysterious elf had somehow slipped into the camp, while Nisain was distracted by threat of larger predators.

Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time found himself being woke up within his wall of spears by the mysterious elf, named Tye. The somewhat overly mellow and influenced Tye proceeded to pester the party some great deal, until he manifested the Shimmering Frond. There the wizard attempted to make a trade with gold, however Tye having no use for gold refused. Dalamar My’Und traded the extremely long Black Panther tail which he previously cut from the great forest beast. The druid then tried to obtain her own shimmering frond, but discovered Tye only held the one. She then found a dozen berries which were great for sleep. She traded all but 5 to Tye for a large bag of medicinal substance.

She was then able to broker a deal with Dalamar to obtain the Shimmering Frond. The wizard having been passed out in an attempt to test the sleep berries found himself awaking with Tye snuggled next to him. He then used a cantrip to turn Tye orange, and him and the rogue proceeded to tie Tye up.

Upon this Tye awake, somewhat different mannored then the night before, and revealed himself as a nature spirit, and cursed both the wizard and rogue for their treachery under the power of ***.(FOIG)

The party then proceed through the forest, where the sounds of life died. They began to notice dead skeletons and bones near flower patches. Discerning the plants to likely be fatal, Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog, decided to mage hand a Lotus of each color to him to collect. Not quite realizing the intense toxicity of this species of Lotus, put himself in extreme danger and causing him and the halfling sorcerer to seizure and start bleeding quite rapidly.

Upon this, Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time took it upon himself to remove the gnome, Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog, as a threat to the mission objective and the time space continuum. Nisain Velharoun attempted to stop him, even firing at him, and accidentally plugging the gnome instead. The Druid even blocked his path.

Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time tossed the gnome with an amazing accuracy and strength nearly throwing him into the pile of Lotus. The Druid then went to recover and pick up the gnome, a few more missed shots by Nisain, and Oxford bullrushed the Druid yelling “I’m sorry!”, while the rest of the party sat back and watched while sampling the large bag of medicinal substances.

Oxford succeeded, pushing the druid into the Lotus patch with the gnome. The gnome was nearly instantly killed with contact of Black Lotus, the Druid was lucky, only receiving a large dose of Blue Lotus pollen. Oxford, then carefully removed and aided the druid back to safety.

The halfling sorcerer upon being healed, decided to risk her life to try and aid the gnome, waded into the bushes and attempted to use curative potions, but it was a grave error in judgement. This placed her in the briar and she too fell to the black Lotus, one of the most poisonous natural flowers. Mystery had warned one, that the flower patches were dangerous and should be avoided, but one did not share the insight.

The party then opted to have Oxford go and retrieve the gnomes stuff, as he carried many useful potions and scrolls. Oxford, agreed studying everything he found to ensure it was safe, a good instinct, but turned out to be perilous, for Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog had previously inscribed a map with 10 explosive ruins written in gnomish in plans to use should they ever get captured by enemies. Oxford, however being able to read gnomish set off the ruins, carpet bombing the flower patch and spreading pollen in the immediate area.

The party began to die. The druid having been put to sleep for her own safety felt the creeping death, and in her dream state brought forth a powerful use of Wild Magic. “Rewind time so that Oxford can live.” Moving time back and instead of the explosion destroying Oxford, his armor reacted in a strange way, glowing and disintegrating around Oxford revealing the man beneath the metal. This time with the blast directed away from the party, the pollen was no longer a threat.

The party then proceeded to move around the flowered section of the woods, reaching the swamps. Here they were lucky to avoid encounters with many of its fierce predators, seeing an extremely huge crocodile creature engulf a stag at one point. They then rushed towards a moderate grove. The party entered the grove full of mushrooms with an extremely large tree stump in the middle. From which a voice echoed out. “I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues, transgress in my grove, and I shall rip out your lungs.”

The party has seemingly gained permission to enter the grove, and leave the grove under next star, but Time with the Lorax may be far from over.

New Potential Components. 5 “S” Berries The Shimmering Frond A Large bag of medicinal Substances. Potentially a Blue Lotus?



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