Chronicles of Time

The Lifeblood Potion.

The commands of Mystery have once again lead his minions to a strange and dangerous place. There were two new arrivals, a wizard and Nisain Velharoun, which seemed to replace the monk, and Durango. Given cryptic warnings, the party must aid the Druid in her quest granted by one of the Druids of the Lifeblood. A chance to create the Lifeblood Elixir, a mystery passed down only by the Druids of the Lifeblood, and only creatable by a druid. The druid was bestowed a strange mixture which serves as the base for the potion, as well as a map to find one Lifeblood shard to finalize the elixir.

She may add whatever she feels will enhance the elixir, with the warning that doing so may have great benefits or terrible consequences, some even being fatal, a warning of haste though, the crystals are about a little over a days journey away, and the base will decay within 72 hours.

The Forsaken woods is a dangerous place as the party is beginning to see, having been assaulted by a great black panther the size of a horse, a flock of reptilian looking hawks which were blown away by an extremely fierce storm, that left a small part of the forest in ruin, and have gained an insight of a great unnatural stone wall which seemed to have formed around a large stone man.

The wizard decided to go hunting on his own and fought a vicious encounter with a skunk. After cleaning himself, and killing the skunk, he attempted to prepare the skunk, slicing into its scent gland and bombing himself once more. After cleaning himself again… he returned to camp with some berries.

The party has decided to take the opportunity to rest.

So far, the party has collected the following possible ingredients for the elixir. A strange Moss from an obelisk of the Lifeblood Circle. (Used) A silver beatle.(Used) A yellowish white tree truffle. (used) A red and black beatle. A sample of dead tree wood. A patch of Nightshade

The Elixer has taken an aquamarine color at the moment, but is still incomplete, with



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