Chronicles of Time

The Fate of A Nation Chapter 1, part 2.

The party began with the debate of what to do with the captured guards. During the debate, Dalamar My’Und was recalled for some unknown mystery. It was decided that the guards be left tied and bound in the woods.

The party then proceeded through the many checkpoints of the city. They also met two halflings whom shared their fate of service. All seemed well, receiving little problems until attempting to pass into the noble section. After making it slip that they were potentially linked to the wild lands, the party tried to talk their way into safety once more, however this was not fully successful.

The feline sorcerer was taken to be questioned for his knowledge, as the rest were allowed to continue to Phineas’ party. After several hours delay the party was allowed entrance, where they socialized with many of the most elite bureaucrats Arahiem had to offer.

They successfully traded the book for access to the High Library, and after some story telling was regrouped with the sorcerer to get a private viewing of the Library.

Once inside, the lights came to life screaming a shroud sound of terror forcing the guards to flee, and allowing the party to continue into the basement levels. The druid and Durango stayed in the top to cover their tracks.

A battle with Force Orbs was dealt with allowing access to the Alter of First Magics. There the book labelled the Arcane Secrets of shadowsdeep was opened upon the ruby case, dissolving it, and Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog retrieved the Book of First Magics! Then accidentally almost disintegrated the sorcerer, whom was saved by a massive wall of the library.

Upon attempting to leave the party discovered the Army of Arahiem was preparing to assault and sack the temple, while the rogue remained in the bottom searching for hidden treasures. There he noticed the book Mystery instructed to leave behind seemed to begin a dangerous reaction.

Trying to exit the High Library, Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time, received a Divine insight from the cycles of Time, given him the revelation that the Army of Arahiem under General Caligar, was using this as a cover to burn the High Library and remove the possibility for Phineas Voungh to move the Nation towards scholarly enlightening, which threatened the future of the war against the Wild lands.

Durango activated his MARK OF DESTINY, allowing him to fend off the army of soldiers as the party ran to fortify the basement, only to meet the rogue who was running to escape the library. The gnome used trickery to slip away undetected with the Book, catching a few insights on the events unfolding outside. The party was then recalled, with an army rushing in, and the last to be recalled, the Druid, seeing a wall of fire about to engulf her with the army.

Afterwards, the party has found themselves returned to their fold, many meeting Thrifter.

Mystery’s Objective was successfully achieved, yet the Troll warrior fell to secure it.



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