Chronicles of Time


The Rules…
DM is always right.

Unless of course I am wrong, but if I am wrong then you must present evidence to prove such in the form of written rules. I try and keep the game moving, thus I have no intentions to hold it on rules calls. IF you have a valid rules complaint, bring it to attention. IF in combat, try and find the proper rule clarification BEFORE your turn, if it is your turn and you wish to debate, then I will continue with the initiative of other party members, I will take a brief hold if it turns to Monster action (since in all fairness, you would act before them anyways.)

Trading/bartering. I intend to announce a set “Game On” time. In most cases, I intend to get set up personally about an hour before hand. This is the time you may attempt to trade and barter. You can still do it IG, of course, as situation dictates, but this is designed to minimize long “screwing around” in town sessions. It would be helpful if you had a list or idea of what it is you are seeking during the pre-game on dealings. These dealings, are still technically IG. Also note, that when it comes to buying and selling, I only stick to the book pricing strictly during character creation. You may find that once IG, some items may be cheaper, or more expensive, and often magic items can escalate in price with demand. Also, selling items is often done at less then book price unless you find legitimate seekers of your goods. Skills that help. Appraise! Diplomacy! These are the merchants friends!

Warnings: My games can be a bit dark. I keep them PG-13, however sometimes I will touch on touchy subjects. All aspects, good and terrible are fair game for plot, though one subject I have always strayed from.

I know this has been a sensitive subject before…

Rape: It can occur in plot context, however, I have never roleplayed, and have no intentions of ever roleplaying a rape scene. For Storyline, there may be characters that this has happened to, so it is out there, however, I will not tolerate the rape of other PC characters, nor will I force a rape plot on a player without mutual up front consent.

So… that said, you may come across it, however, I have no intentions of ever allowing it to be a theme for my games. This would in my mind break the context of PG-13 game.

RACE: Yes race.. if you believe me racist bigot, then there is likely little I will do to change that. However, I am all for characters to have raciest believes. It is such a strong prevalent theme in our so called civilized advanced society, so why would it not be a theme in a fantasy culture with more race then Noah of the Ark would have ever flippin dreamed? In game racism is fine, you will not be punished OoG for such. IG, obviously your views and that of npcs may align or clash at times. Good Roleplay, can lead to trouble, but what doesnt. ;p

Just Keep racism IG. Not that I think we would have a problem with such really, but I reserve the right to slap a fool should it ever become a problem.

Enough for warnings and what not… comments questions, contact me. (And yes Racist Dick is an appropriate comment. ;D)

Roleplay: Roleplay is encouraged. I am debating on working with something to encourage roleplay. I also want to talk to each player about their character conceptions, so I can effectively gauge you are staying in Character enough to merit award. (Mainly for those silent type characters, as I have had my share of characters that rarely spoke, for IG reasons.)

More about the Roleplay Reward System later… if I do infact do one.

Experience! I don’t use it! Why you ask? Cause I am an older school 2nd addition player at core, which translates to an old experience chart easily 5 times harder to level up! I believe on of the experience charts for a lvl 20 character as along the lines of FOUR MILLION EXPERIENCE. So to me, later additions push the evolution of characters as lvling up quicker, which is nice, but frankly, I build my campaign to a story arch. Ideally, I know what levels I roughly want you at what junctions. You will level up for making sections, and finishing story archs, however it may be faster or slower pace then you are accustomed. Just rest assured, your characters should not remain stagnant on my part.

Plot Skills: It is possible to learn or gain access to rare and sometimes limited skills/powers/and DM prestige classes through gameplay. This is not a promise, but it has happened many times before in old campaigns.

Custom Characters! Cant find the race, class, or whatever you want to play in a book? Contact me. I will work with you to create something unique for your character. Please note, I am still going to keep said character as balanced as possible. If I create a class with unique powers, I reserve the right to modify and scale up or down powers if I deem them not working as intended. (aka broken for your level.)



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