Chronicles of Time

The Fate of a Nation Chapter 1 part 1.

The Party has received their first set of instructions. By the command of Mystery, the party finds themselves on the outskirts of Requie, capital city of Arahiem. The adventurers have now met for the first time. Upon their rift, they discovered a chest which held 10 robes of Bahamut, 12 holy symbols, and 2 books.[The History of Bahamut, Arcane Lore of Shadowsdeep.]

While taking the time to construct a small stage for the gnome on the cleric’s power armor, the party found themselves attacked by Bandits. The bandits were easily overcome, being a mix of peasants and common bandits. They captured three bandits, and learned that a contract for the weekend has been placed specifically on priests of Bahamut. The contract came from the Noble Section of Town, however the collector claims to be at the Roasted Hog.

Once more while debating what to do with the bandits along the wake of the battle and road, the party saw a soldier caravan approaching. The party left the three bandits with the troll, and hid deeper within the woods. The caravan was pulling a young, very beautiful pregnant woman, Elana.

After killing the last bandits to prove himself a bounty hunter, the troll attacked the soldiers when one struck Elana. The party emmerged, as priests of Bahamut and talked down the situation, which was re-escualted by the other members of the party to aid Elana.

In the after math they learned that Elana was an intended war trophy of the High General Caligar of Arahiem. This points that war is pending towards the Wild lands.

The troll was rewarded with a charm from Elana, and she took the last remaining horse from the soldiers, one of the extra robes, and road away to return to safety. Fate is now with her as she rides.

The party finds themselves with two living soldiers whom are now captive, yet have potential to put everyone in grave danger.

The time is now 11:45am. They are about 1.5 hours from the city, and are supposed to meet with a Phineas Voungh in the Noble section of the town at sunset (about 6:30). They must use the book of Bahamutas leverage to gain access to the High Library, where they can complete their objective.

The party still must decide the fate of the guards, and continue on their mission. They have till sunrise to achieve their objective.



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