Chronicles of Time

Venom of the Hydra Savant

The minions of Mystery were once more tasked to collect a venom that would be used to make a potion that would protect them in a future mission. They found themselves outside a large pyramid style jungle temple.

There they met a few new characters a feral orc, Grom, and Silvia.

rosemay activated a trap unleashing extremely dangerous birds. In the fight, it was revealed that the wings of these birds could sever flesh and bone better then a blade, as the wizard was cut in half.

Silvia then revealed herself as a Soul-fire wielder, using all her arts as a healer to mend the wizard. The wizard, became permanently crippled as a result, however, has regained control over his legs once more.

Once inside they discovered a room with a demonic alter, and blood all around. Upon searching they found a hidden stairway, and avoided several traps. The wizard found many potions that seemed to be toxic to him, drank them, and kept the rest.

The party found a room with many dark books. Yet a few of interest were found. A book on animals, and a book on time it would seem, which the Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time was able to barter to add to his personal collection. A mural was also collected.

Soon after the humanoid Hydra was fought and quickly defeated, though it proved to be nearly fatal to Grom in close combat. It also became apparent that this was a temple dedicated to the Acathlic Church. Poison was collected.

Several went to examine the alter, the wizard nearly had his blood drained to the orb within. Meanwhile several orbs were collected by various party members. Oxford spent some time destroying the books.

The party was recalled by Silvia.

The Lifeblood Potion. Part 2.

As the party began their rest, Dalamar My’Und took first watch over camp. While the forest was quite busy with the sounds of the wild, for once the wild did not encroach upon the groups small encampment. Trading night shift with Dalamar My’Und, was the ranger Nisain Velharoun. While keeping ever vigilant, a mysterious elf had somehow slipped into the camp, while Nisain was distracted by threat of larger predators.

Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time found himself being woke up within his wall of spears by the mysterious elf, named Tye. The somewhat overly mellow and influenced Tye proceeded to pester the party some great deal, until he manifested the Shimmering Frond. There the wizard attempted to make a trade with gold, however Tye having no use for gold refused. Dalamar My’Und traded the extremely long Black Panther tail which he previously cut from the great forest beast. The druid then tried to obtain her own shimmering frond, but discovered Tye only held the one. She then found a dozen berries which were great for sleep. She traded all but 5 to Tye for a large bag of medicinal substance.

She was then able to broker a deal with Dalamar to obtain the Shimmering Frond. The wizard having been passed out in an attempt to test the sleep berries found himself awaking with Tye snuggled next to him. He then used a cantrip to turn Tye orange, and him and the rogue proceeded to tie Tye up.

Upon this Tye awake, somewhat different mannored then the night before, and revealed himself as a nature spirit, and cursed both the wizard and rogue for their treachery under the power of ***.(FOIG)

The party then proceed through the forest, where the sounds of life died. They began to notice dead skeletons and bones near flower patches. Discerning the plants to likely be fatal, Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog, decided to mage hand a Lotus of each color to him to collect. Not quite realizing the intense toxicity of this species of Lotus, put himself in extreme danger and causing him and the halfling sorcerer to seizure and start bleeding quite rapidly.

Upon this, Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time took it upon himself to remove the gnome, Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog, as a threat to the mission objective and the time space continuum. Nisain Velharoun attempted to stop him, even firing at him, and accidentally plugging the gnome instead. The Druid even blocked his path.

Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time tossed the gnome with an amazing accuracy and strength nearly throwing him into the pile of Lotus. The Druid then went to recover and pick up the gnome, a few more missed shots by Nisain, and Oxford bullrushed the Druid yelling “I’m sorry!”, while the rest of the party sat back and watched while sampling the large bag of medicinal substances.

Oxford succeeded, pushing the druid into the Lotus patch with the gnome. The gnome was nearly instantly killed with contact of Black Lotus, the Druid was lucky, only receiving a large dose of Blue Lotus pollen. Oxford, then carefully removed and aided the druid back to safety.

The halfling sorcerer upon being healed, decided to risk her life to try and aid the gnome, waded into the bushes and attempted to use curative potions, but it was a grave error in judgement. This placed her in the briar and she too fell to the black Lotus, one of the most poisonous natural flowers. Mystery had warned one, that the flower patches were dangerous and should be avoided, but one did not share the insight.

The party then opted to have Oxford go and retrieve the gnomes stuff, as he carried many useful potions and scrolls. Oxford, agreed studying everything he found to ensure it was safe, a good instinct, but turned out to be perilous, for Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog had previously inscribed a map with 10 explosive ruins written in gnomish in plans to use should they ever get captured by enemies. Oxford, however being able to read gnomish set off the ruins, carpet bombing the flower patch and spreading pollen in the immediate area.

The party began to die. The druid having been put to sleep for her own safety felt the creeping death, and in her dream state brought forth a powerful use of Wild Magic. “Rewind time so that Oxford can live.” Moving time back and instead of the explosion destroying Oxford, his armor reacted in a strange way, glowing and disintegrating around Oxford revealing the man beneath the metal. This time with the blast directed away from the party, the pollen was no longer a threat.

The party then proceeded to move around the flowered section of the woods, reaching the swamps. Here they were lucky to avoid encounters with many of its fierce predators, seeing an extremely huge crocodile creature engulf a stag at one point. They then rushed towards a moderate grove. The party entered the grove full of mushrooms with an extremely large tree stump in the middle. From which a voice echoed out. “I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues, transgress in my grove, and I shall rip out your lungs.”

The party has seemingly gained permission to enter the grove, and leave the grove under next star, but Time with the Lorax may be far from over.

New Potential Components. 5 “S” Berries The Shimmering Frond A Large bag of medicinal Substances. Potentially a Blue Lotus?

The Lifeblood Potion.

The commands of Mystery have once again lead his minions to a strange and dangerous place. There were two new arrivals, a wizard and Nisain Velharoun, which seemed to replace the monk, and Durango. Given cryptic warnings, the party must aid the Druid in her quest granted by one of the Druids of the Lifeblood. A chance to create the Lifeblood Elixir, a mystery passed down only by the Druids of the Lifeblood, and only creatable by a druid. The druid was bestowed a strange mixture which serves as the base for the potion, as well as a map to find one Lifeblood shard to finalize the elixir.

She may add whatever she feels will enhance the elixir, with the warning that doing so may have great benefits or terrible consequences, some even being fatal, a warning of haste though, the crystals are about a little over a days journey away, and the base will decay within 72 hours.

The Forsaken woods is a dangerous place as the party is beginning to see, having been assaulted by a great black panther the size of a horse, a flock of reptilian looking hawks which were blown away by an extremely fierce storm, that left a small part of the forest in ruin, and have gained an insight of a great unnatural stone wall which seemed to have formed around a large stone man.

The wizard decided to go hunting on his own and fought a vicious encounter with a skunk. After cleaning himself, and killing the skunk, he attempted to prepare the skunk, slicing into its scent gland and bombing himself once more. After cleaning himself again… he returned to camp with some berries.

The party has decided to take the opportunity to rest.

So far, the party has collected the following possible ingredients for the elixir. A strange Moss from an obelisk of the Lifeblood Circle. (Used) A silver beatle.(Used) A yellowish white tree truffle. (used) A red and black beatle. A sample of dead tree wood. A patch of Nightshade

The Elixer has taken an aquamarine color at the moment, but is still incomplete, with
The Fate of A Nation Chapter 1, part 2.

The party began with the debate of what to do with the captured guards. During the debate, Dalamar My’Und was recalled for some unknown mystery. It was decided that the guards be left tied and bound in the woods.

The party then proceeded through the many checkpoints of the city. They also met two halflings whom shared their fate of service. All seemed well, receiving little problems until attempting to pass into the noble section. After making it slip that they were potentially linked to the wild lands, the party tried to talk their way into safety once more, however this was not fully successful.

The feline sorcerer was taken to be questioned for his knowledge, as the rest were allowed to continue to Phineas’ party. After several hours delay the party was allowed entrance, where they socialized with many of the most elite bureaucrats Arahiem had to offer.

They successfully traded the book for access to the High Library, and after some story telling was regrouped with the sorcerer to get a private viewing of the Library.

Once inside, the lights came to life screaming a shroud sound of terror forcing the guards to flee, and allowing the party to continue into the basement levels. The druid and Durango stayed in the top to cover their tracks.

A battle with Force Orbs was dealt with allowing access to the Alter of First Magics. There the book labelled the Arcane Secrets of shadowsdeep was opened upon the ruby case, dissolving it, and Gernabtinkarturengemclockriggercog retrieved the Book of First Magics! Then accidentally almost disintegrated the sorcerer, whom was saved by a massive wall of the library.

Upon attempting to leave the party discovered the Army of Arahiem was preparing to assault and sack the temple, while the rogue remained in the bottom searching for hidden treasures. There he noticed the book Mystery instructed to leave behind seemed to begin a dangerous reaction.

Trying to exit the High Library, Doctor Oxford Scaliger, Servent of Time, received a Divine insight from the cycles of Time, given him the revelation that the Army of Arahiem under General Caligar, was using this as a cover to burn the High Library and remove the possibility for Phineas Voungh to move the Nation towards scholarly enlightening, which threatened the future of the war against the Wild lands.

Durango activated his MARK OF DESTINY, allowing him to fend off the army of soldiers as the party ran to fortify the basement, only to meet the rogue who was running to escape the library. The gnome used trickery to slip away undetected with the Book, catching a few insights on the events unfolding outside. The party was then recalled, with an army rushing in, and the last to be recalled, the Druid, seeing a wall of fire about to engulf her with the army.

Afterwards, the party has found themselves returned to their fold, many meeting Thrifter.

Mystery’s Objective was successfully achieved, yet the Troll warrior fell to secure it.

The Fate of a Nation Chapter 1 part 1.

The Party has received their first set of instructions. By the command of Mystery, the party finds themselves on the outskirts of Requie, capital city of Arahiem. The adventurers have now met for the first time. Upon their rift, they discovered a chest which held 10 robes of Bahamut, 12 holy symbols, and 2 books.[The History of Bahamut, Arcane Lore of Shadowsdeep.]

While taking the time to construct a small stage for the gnome on the cleric’s power armor, the party found themselves attacked by Bandits. The bandits were easily overcome, being a mix of peasants and common bandits. They captured three bandits, and learned that a contract for the weekend has been placed specifically on priests of Bahamut. The contract came from the Noble Section of Town, however the collector claims to be at the Roasted Hog.

Once more while debating what to do with the bandits along the wake of the battle and road, the party saw a soldier caravan approaching. The party left the three bandits with the troll, and hid deeper within the woods. The caravan was pulling a young, very beautiful pregnant woman, Elana.

After killing the last bandits to prove himself a bounty hunter, the troll attacked the soldiers when one struck Elana. The party emmerged, as priests of Bahamut and talked down the situation, which was re-escualted by the other members of the party to aid Elana.

In the after math they learned that Elana was an intended war trophy of the High General Caligar of Arahiem. This points that war is pending towards the Wild lands.

The troll was rewarded with a charm from Elana, and she took the last remaining horse from the soldiers, one of the extra robes, and road away to return to safety. Fate is now with her as she rides.

The party finds themselves with two living soldiers whom are now captive, yet have potential to put everyone in grave danger.

The time is now 11:45am. They are about 1.5 hours from the city, and are supposed to meet with a Phineas Voungh in the Noble section of the town at sunset (about 6:30). They must use the book of Bahamutas leverage to gain access to the High Library, where they can complete their objective.

The party still must decide the fate of the guards, and continue on their mission. They have till sunrise to achieve their objective.

The Story Begins...

Each player has been contacted by a powerful entity. They have made their deals and come to their agreements. Now, each player must do what they can to survive their service, and achieve their goals…

The Rules…
DM is always right.

Unless of course I am wrong, but if I am wrong then you must present evidence to prove such in the form of written rules. I try and keep the game moving, thus I have no intentions to hold it on rules calls. IF you have a valid rules complaint, bring it to attention. IF in combat, try and find the proper rule clarification BEFORE your turn, if it is your turn and you wish to debate, then I will continue with the initiative of other party members, I will take a brief hold if it turns to Monster action (since in all fairness, you would act before them anyways.)

Trading/bartering. I intend to announce a set “Game On” time. In most cases, I intend to get set up personally about an hour before hand. This is the time you may attempt to trade and barter. You can still do it IG, of course, as situation dictates, but this is designed to minimize long “screwing around” in town sessions. It would be helpful if you had a list or idea of what it is you are seeking during the pre-game on dealings. These dealings, are still technically IG. Also note, that when it comes to buying and selling, I only stick to the book pricing strictly during character creation. You may find that once IG, some items may be cheaper, or more expensive, and often magic items can escalate in price with demand. Also, selling items is often done at less then book price unless you find legitimate seekers of your goods. Skills that help. Appraise! Diplomacy! These are the merchants friends!

Warnings: My games can be a bit dark. I keep them PG-13, however sometimes I will touch on touchy subjects. All aspects, good and terrible are fair game for plot, though one subject I have always strayed from.

I know this has been a sensitive subject before…

Rape: It can occur in plot context, however, I have never roleplayed, and have no intentions of ever roleplaying a rape scene. For Storyline, there may be characters that this has happened to, so it is out there, however, I will not tolerate the rape of other PC characters, nor will I force a rape plot on a player without mutual up front consent.

So… that said, you may come across it, however, I have no intentions of ever allowing it to be a theme for my games. This would in my mind break the context of PG-13 game.

RACE: Yes race.. if you believe me racist bigot, then there is likely little I will do to change that. However, I am all for characters to have raciest believes. It is such a strong prevalent theme in our so called civilized advanced society, so why would it not be a theme in a fantasy culture with more race then Noah of the Ark would have ever flippin dreamed? In game racism is fine, you will not be punished OoG for such. IG, obviously your views and that of npcs may align or clash at times. Good Roleplay, can lead to trouble, but what doesnt. ;p

Just Keep racism IG. Not that I think we would have a problem with such really, but I reserve the right to slap a fool should it ever become a problem.

Enough for warnings and what not… comments questions, contact me. (And yes Racist Dick is an appropriate comment. ;D)

Roleplay: Roleplay is encouraged. I am debating on working with something to encourage roleplay. I also want to talk to each player about their character conceptions, so I can effectively gauge you are staying in Character enough to merit award. (Mainly for those silent type characters, as I have had my share of characters that rarely spoke, for IG reasons.)

More about the Roleplay Reward System later… if I do infact do one.

Experience! I don’t use it! Why you ask? Cause I am an older school 2nd addition player at core, which translates to an old experience chart easily 5 times harder to level up! I believe on of the experience charts for a lvl 20 character as along the lines of FOUR MILLION EXPERIENCE. So to me, later additions push the evolution of characters as lvling up quicker, which is nice, but frankly, I build my campaign to a story arch. Ideally, I know what levels I roughly want you at what junctions. You will level up for making sections, and finishing story archs, however it may be faster or slower pace then you are accustomed. Just rest assured, your characters should not remain stagnant on my part.

Plot Skills: It is possible to learn or gain access to rare and sometimes limited skills/powers/and DM prestige classes through gameplay. This is not a promise, but it has happened many times before in old campaigns.

Custom Characters! Cant find the race, class, or whatever you want to play in a book? Contact me. I will work with you to create something unique for your character. Please note, I am still going to keep said character as balanced as possible. If I create a class with unique powers, I reserve the right to modify and scale up or down powers if I deem them not working as intended. (aka broken for your level.)


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